Mastery of the Singing Teacher

A Course With Heidi Klassen  

A continuation of the

"Return to Resonance"


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Singers, Singing Teachers: Be inspired by your own voice! Inspire your students!

Coaches, Conductors, Composers: Understand the voice better & get the best out of the singer!

October 25/17 - March 23/18

Vancouver (in-person) & Skype/ YouTube (remote audit)

Press review of Lyrico Spinto Soprano Heidi Klassen:

"Wondrous end of envelope sparkle that can tear your heart out in a leaping line."               

Dramatic coloratura- Rachel Scott - (current student of Heidi Klassen):

“Heidi is the finest singing instructor with whom I have ever worked. Her ability to articulate the inexpressible, evoke the transcendent, and create beauty through skillful technique is exceptional. By creating an environment that blends positive support with incisive feedback, she helps her students to find the best in themselves. I feel incredibly grateful to have found her as a mentor.”

Press review of soprano Heidi Klassen:

"Dramatic, taut, gripping and multidimensional, a magnificent communicator."


  • Do you want to be the kind of singer that can move yourself to tears and bring an audience to their feet?
  • Do you want to be clearer and more systematic in what you are teaching yourself?
  • Do you wish to find out if you have a calling as a singing teacher?  


  • Do you want to be more systematic in what you are teaching your students?
  • Do you want to improve and prove your own singing by demonstrating with your voice and refining your knowledge?


  • Do you wish you had more knowledge of the singing voice in order to get the best out of the singer, enticing vocal freedom and expressiveness?

Course Intention

To inspire and teach Singers to experience their full potential.

  1. To teach singers to LOVE their voice

  2. To support singers to IMPROVE their own sounds through TECHNIQUE

  3. To teach singers to teach singing and PROVE their knowledge

  4. To develop a KEEN EAR in the Singer, Teacher and Student

  5. To cultivate the STILLNESS from which authentic expression emerges

  6. To intelligently embody the technique with the ECSTATIC ENERGY without danger to the voice becoming much greater than the sum of the parts.

  7. To bring the Singing Artist BEYOND FEAR, to full sound, temperament and range of expression

  8. To experience the magic of the RESONANCE of the expanded vocal instrument, becoming the thrilling conduit of connection between Singer,  Audience, Music and the UNKNOWN

Lyric Coloratura Soprano  Alicia Tao (current student of Heidi Klassen):

“Heidi is the best vocal teacher I have ever met. I have worked with her less than one year and she totally changed my voice! Now I am very happy and confident with my warm and flexible voice! She has a super, specifically technical system and it works efficiently. Every minute in her lesson I feel excited for my big progress in my vocal technique. I am the lucky one that learned the real bel canto from her! Thank you, Heidi.”