Return to Resonance Mastery Series for Singers

“As for ourselves, it is only when we wholly submit to the bonds of truth that we fully gain the joy of freedom.
And How? As does the string that is bound to the harp. When the harp is truly strung, when there is not the slightest
laxity in the strength of the bond, then only does music result, and the string, transcending itself in its melody,
finds at every chord its true freedom. It is because it is bound by such hard-and-fast rules on the one side that
it can find this range of freedom in music on the other. While the string was not true, it was indeed merely bound;
but a loosening of its bondage would not have been the way to freedom, which it can only fully achieve by being bound
tighter and tighter till it has attained the true pitch.”

– Rabindranath Tagore from Sadhana

The 2011-2012 Self-Mastery Series features a variety of workshops and master classes open to the public to audit and designed specifically for higher level students and professionals as participants in a further exploration of their voice, performance, and teaching. Join us for an exploration of the self as musician, human, and spirit. The series runs from September 2011 to May 2012.

A Word from the Director

Based on my book in progress entitled Return to Resonance, I am introducing a mastery series that, though geared specifically to singers, can be beneficial to anyone in any walk of life. While in the process of becoming Masters of our Art and our Life, Return to Resonance is based on the premise that one will continuously find and lose resonance in life in the same way the singer finds and loses resonance in their sound. We can assess, by how we feel, that we have pushed too hard or retreated too much and lost our authentic selves. Or, in finding alignment in body, mind, and soul, have felt freedom. Together with the knowledge of masters in their fields and the willingness of all who attend we hope to gently teach each other that in singing, as in life, one needs only to return again and again to resonance without judgment and with unconditional love; remembering and sustaining the joy during the journey. By growing into self-mastery of ourselves and our work, we become truly empowered.

The IMAGINE Concert

The IMAGINE at the University of British Columbia, April 12-15, 2012

A) The IMAGINE CONCERT – Fund Raising for UBC
Friday April 13 2012 7:30pm
Tickets: Frederic Wood Theater, 6254 Crescent Rd, UBC

BC Binnings Studio – Hut M17, 6373 University Blvd (@West Mall), Vancouver BC, Rooms 122, 126, 128

Sunday April 15, 2012 2:00 -5:00pm – Return to Resonance Mastery Series – “The Voice Connection” class with Anna Beaumont
Sunday April 15, 2012 6:00 – 9:00pm – Return to Resonance Mastery Series – “Surrender to the Unknown” class with Leora Cashe

The “IMAGINE” show will be performed on April 12,13,14 2012 in the Frederic Wood Theatre at the University of British Columbia.

The concept of the show is based on the theory that we as human beings have the power to re-create heaven on earth and that the time to do this is now. A man named Martin Rutte asked his Rabbi some years ago the question “When Adam and Eve were expelled from the Garden of Eden were they told specifically that they could never come back?” Great question! This is one of the inspirations behind the IMAGINE show and the other is that there is indeed a Heaven.

Cathy Burnett met Martin Rutte several years ago and took the workshop he developed as a result of this question. For more information on Martin Rutte & his original Project Heaven On Earth, and on Facebook: Project Heaven on Earth

The show itself will include music, dance, acting and visual imaging. The creator of the show (Cathy Burnett) is bringing together students from the UBC BFA acting program as well as outside professional artists. The show will open with a Fred Astaire/ Ginger Rogers dance number “Cheek to Cheek” (with the famous lines “Heaven, I’m in Heaven…”) and close with a choir singing “Your love lifts me higher.” Choreographed by members of the acting program and infused with an Art Expression Piece featuring soprano Heidi Klassen, joined by tenor Frederik Robert, singer-songwriter Anna Beaumont, and jazz artist Leora Cash, this event is sure to lift you higher and expand you wider!

A series of 3 questions about heaven were given to the intermediate year BFA actors over the summer. Their assignment was to interview various individuals of different ages about their concept of heaven. They will then be re-creating these people onstage as they perform their monologues about heaven. The first year BFA actors were given the assignment to choreograph several musical pieces.

Some of the other performers invited to participate in the show are: Lorn Cardinal, Raugi Yu, Jackie Essombe and her African Dance troupe and drummers, a Buddhist Monk, a retired Minister, and a choreographer who has worked with Cirque du Soleil and the opening ceremonies of the Olympics.

And finally, the overall intention of this show is to empower individuals with the idea that they can create Heaven in their own lives and the time to start is NOW!

We believe that it is through the medium of the arts that the message can get out there with the most impact.


From THE NINE EYES OF LIGHT by Padma Aon Prakasha

“Deep within all of you lies…an unstoppable primal force. If you have resistance, then chaos and fear is what you
will experience. If you have no resistance, you will experience its bliss, which enlivens…all your senses and soul.
It will destroy the resistance to being free. [It] generates energy, power, and strength… [that quality that] enables you
to break through any limitations or restrictions that bind….that gives you the power to break through old patterns
that keep your energy from flowing and manifesting new visions and following your heart’s desire. Without going
to the edge of your experience and beyond, you can never become who you truly are. The new vision that births
through you from this is focused and directed yet expansive. It encompasses and embraces many possibilities, never
losing its direction in where it wishes to go. By opening up to all possibilities while remaining grounded,
centered, and in your power, you can birth your soul purpose.”


The reviews of the 2011-2012 RETURN TO RESONACE MASTERY SERIES FOR SINGERS are in!
Here’s what our participants had to say:

Thank you for creating a studio where we are encouraged to be who we REALLY are – when singing and in life! This series has been the best thing that has ever happened to me as a singer. To be able to sing on stage with this JOY UNSPEAKABLE is the best gift I can be given – thank you for opening the door xoxo — Emily Bolhuis

Thank you so much to all of the presenters of yesterdays Art Of the Singer Workshop. Every presentation was so well prepared and so informative on many levels. Each hour highlighted information integral to becoming fully aware as artists and singers. From understanding the business side of the singing world, to understanding ourselves as constant learners and teachers, listeners and communicators, this workshop revealed much to me about myself and has therefore brought me closer to fulfilling my potential as a fully engaged creative human being. How ecstatic to end the day with Sandra Dawn and her mesmerizingly beautiful singing of Kirtan Chant. Thank you! — Leanne Page

A huge thank you to Heidi Klassen for facilitating another inspiring and technically informative master class. It is remarkable to watch Frederik use his fantastic technique as a classical singer to cross over into other genres of music with absolute conviction and authenticity. How equally fantastic to see him directly communicate to the singers his passion for the language of each song and to then see and hear them come alive in their use of word and music. Thank you Frederik for so coherently showing us how the microphone is an extension of our voices and how effective it can be for enhancing and sending out the colors we choose to use and how perfect and essential Heidi’s technique is for making the microphone our friend. Thank you also to Karen Lee-Morlang for her warmth, support and brilliantly artistic playing of every piece which was put in front of her.
Very inspired and hoping we can do this again.
— Leanne Page

The Artists as Teachers

ANNA BEAUMONT – Singer & Songwriter –

Anna Beaumont has been an accomplished singer, songwriter and voice teacher for over 20 years and is the creator and facilitator of her “Express Yourself” and “The Voice Connection” workshops. Anna holds these workshops throughout the year in Edmonton, and frequently in other cities in Alberta and B.C. She has four CD’s to her credit and three national theme songs.
Over the years of studying psychology, spirituality, the body and the voice, Anna began to integrate these modalities for singers who struggled with stress and emotional disconnection. As a result, Anna created and began facilitating her workshop “Express Yourself, Finding Freedom and Release Through Singing.” With these workshops now in their tenth successful year, Anna has expanded these classes into “The Voice Connection, Where Sound and Light Connect.” These classes integrate meditation, breath and sound with the intention of developing a stronger connection to the body and, consequently, to the singing voice. The essence of the voice and its intricate workings is a mystery that continues to unfold and inform Anna in her singing and in her life. 13th Century mystical poet Rumi says “Mysteries are not meant to be solved, the eye goes blind when we only want to see why.”

CATHERINE BURNETT – Dance Teacher, Choreographer, Communication Facilitator

With an extensive career as an international dancer and teacher, Ms Burnett’s credits include: co-artistic director of Montage Dance Theatre, performer with the American Dance Machine in NYC, writer and choreographer for children’s shows. Ms. Burnett has been on the faculty of the University of Alberta’s BFA Theatre Program and is currently movement professor in the University of British Columbia’s BFA Theatre Program. Catherine has coached and choreographed for operas across Canada, taught at renowned opera programs including Nuova’s Summer Opera Intensive, New York Opera Society’s Vassar Summer Intensive, and UBC’s Opera Program. Most recently she has been teaching “Authentic Listening” workshops across Canada. Catherine is increasingly interested in bringing the spiritual and multi-dimensional aspect of her life into her work with performers including energetic healing and channeling.


Classical Cross-Over and Solo Artist, Tenor Frédérik Robert has been hailed across North America as a “spine tingling” vocalist and emotionally stirring performer. Whether he is singing opera, musical theater, cabaret, crossover, jazz or composing, Frederik is becoming one of Canada’s most sought after vocalists. Opera Canada recently stated, “Robert has a vibrant tenor, well-controlled, beautifully articulated, and sensitively acted. He had the audience in tears by the end of the last act. His last ‘Carmen, Je t’adore’ breaking our hearts.”

Frederik began his career early. As a child Frederik was often seen and heard on Radio Canada/CBC and he performed all across Alberta and frequently hired to sing the National Anthems for the Edmonton Oilers, Trappers and Drillers.

By 23 Robert had already sung lead and supporting roles with major companies and orchestras including: Winnipeg Symphony, Regina Symphony, National Arts Center Orchestra, Prince George Symphony, Edmonton Opera, Calgary Opera, Opera Saskatoon and The Opera Project.

His most influential teacher and mentor, international Soprano Heidi Klassen encouraged Frédérik to sing every style. That he did! In 2004, he stepped aside from opera and had a torrid love affair with classical cross-over, touring for many years as a soloist with vocal groups such as Canadian Tenors and Romanza. This has led to more work in musical theater and even dabbling occasionally in counter-tenor, cabaret and finally composition & arranging.

As a composer and arranger, Frederik is versatile in many kinds of music including pop, films scores, art song, orchestral and choral. It is Frederik’s next goal to premier/workshop his ground breaking new opera in 2012. On his time off the stage Frederik teaches master classes, workshops and is a vocal and performance coach and adjudicator.

SOPRANO HEIDI KLASSEN – Master of Music in Voice,

“I cannot say enough about Heidi Klassen. Her stage presence is bigger-than-life. Elegant and poised, she captivated the audience and held us all in her heartfelt song. Her vocal style is technically flawless, with perfect articulation. She is meticulous, and at the same time sings with such conviction and spiritual strength that it moved some audience members to tears. The I Ching.. says. ” The ancient Kings made music in order to honor merit, and offered it with splendor to the Supreme Deity, inviting their ancestors to be present”. Music was looked upon as something serious and holy, designed to purify …feelings. Confucius has said “He who could wholly comprehend this sacrifice could rule the world as though it were spinning on his hand”. The concert ended with a standing ovation. All who were present knew that this was not merely entertainment, it was holy. Confucius would have approved.” – Amnesty International concert in 2009

In a 30 year international operatic career soprano Heidi Klassen acknowledges that it was the greatest privilege of her life to study for over 20 years with one of the greatest acclaimed voices and remaining authorities of Bel Canto, Virginia Zeani. As Voice Teacher, Ms. Klassen’s particular niche is to bring singers to their peak in vocal technique ensuring a sure vehicle for their artist’s expression. Over the last 30 years alongside her full time International Singing Career, Ms. Klassen has taught voice at both University and Opera Programs throughout Canada and presently maintains a private studio in Vancouver. As Founder & Artistic Director of The Opera Project, Ms. Klassen has produced and directed 14 seasons of concerts and opera productions throughout Canada with a mandate to train & promote singers with a further invitation to “Create Sounds that Change the World.” She finds it a great privilege, responsibility, source of energy and joy to pass on her knowledge and love of singing, and is increasingly interested in bringing the spiritual and multi-dimensional aspect of her life to the public. She is presently writing a book called Return to Resonance paralleling singing and spiritual practice, and with this Self-Mastery series energizes her desire to work co-creatively with liked minded masters.


“Scott has set herself apart from the jazz-vocalist pack with her mesmerizing renditions of the most unlikely tunes … With her warm, flexible contralto, Scott brings a striking emotional intelligence to everything she sings, no matter what the context. As much a song stylist as an improviser, she puts her stamp on material through her supple sense of swing and deft, slippery phrasing.” — Andy Gilbert, Jazz Times

Considered the finest Jazz Vocal Improviser in Canada by her peers, her fans and by the musicians who work with her, Jennifer Scott is an important Jazz Voice. She has sung with such Jazz Greats as: Gene Bertoncini, Clark Terry, Tommy Banks, Paul Horn and Kenny Wheeler to name a few. She has been nominated for Juno and Jessie Awards with ‘Mythos’ and theatre production ‘War of the Worlds’.

Jennifer Scott has performed to sold out crowds from San Diego to Vancouver to Whitehorse on the West Coast of Canada and has begun a major foray onto the world stage including performances in Amsterdam, Milan and Rome. Recent lauded performances have included Main Stage shows at the 2009 Vancouver Island Music Fest sharing the stage with artists as diverse as Jane Bunnett and Jerry Douglas. She received a lengthy standing ovation reception for her duo set with bassist Rene Worst at the same festival. Jennifer was also featured at Stanford University performing at the Miles Davis tribute concert for their Concert series in tandem with The Jazz Museum in Harlem.

More recent studio work has seen her align her vocal talents with the piano brilliance of Miles Black in the CD release Storybook.

She has just completed a tour of the Western States and Canada and was named “Pick of the week” by the L.A. Times where she was quoted as having: “…a velvet tone & superb phrasing….”

Jennifer Scott is an in demand performer, clinician and teacher of workshops throughout the USA and Canada.

KAREN LEE-MORLANG – Piano Collaborator 

In demand as one of Western Canada’s top collaborative pianists, Karen Lee-Morlang has been a fixture on the Canadian musical scene for over the past 10 years. Performer, educator and impresario, Karen is “funny, brainy and creative.” Beginning with her piano studies at the age of four, she spent her formative years playing and singing in choirs, theatre productions, bands and orchestras – an early start to developing her skills in collaboration, performing and costume design! After specializing in art song, opera and chamber music for her second piano degree from UBC, she taught as a Sessional Lecturer at the University for four years. During that time, Karen also won numerous international and local awards that enabled her to travel to London, Austria and France as well as parts of the U.S. for advanced studies with
masters such as Rudolf Jansen, Elly Ameling, Graham Johnson, Helmut Deutsch, Wolfgang Holzmair, Robert Tear, and the late Martin Isepp.

Bringing her experience home, Karen has become particularly well-known in the communities of B.C. for her collaborative skills at the piano and for championing “art music for the masses” with dedicated passion. Karen has produced recital and lecture series for the Vancouver Art Gallery, the UBC Main Library, the University Women’s Club and has also collaborated with the Vancouver Opera and the Vancouver Public Library. She founded and taught a three-year Music Appreciation class that ran in the Downtown Eastside. Karen was thrilled to reach an even wider audience base by hosting two radio programs for CBC Radio (2006-07). As a performer, Karen has been featured at events such as the Vancouver International Jazz Festival, MusicFest Vancouver, the World Peace Forum, Women’s Worlds Conference, and has been broadcast many times on CBC Radio. In addition to her busy schedule of private piano teaching, performing and touring with different instrumentalists and singers, Karen sings with the swingin’ retro quartet “The K Sisters” and acapella world music septet “The No Sh!t Shirleys”. For more information about Karen’s performances, please visit:

KAREN SHUMKA – Piano Collaborator

Karen Shumka enjoyed a long and successful career as a pianist, repetiteur and music director before crossing into the world of business where she built a collaborative, global team of entrepreneurs in the Health & Wellness Industry and quickly rose to the top of the company.

During this business chapter, it was difficult for Karen to repeatedly turn down musical opportunities and to say “not yet” to her favorite singers.

So, after several years of just a few rare guest appearances as a collaborative pianist, Karen is looking forward to sharing her insights and perspective with fresh eyes and in the words of Steve Jobs: “connecting the dots”. Connecting the dots backwards – from the world of business where she became a student of energy, visualization, passion, and communication – back into the world of passion and communication in music through piano, voice and text.


Jazz and gospel vocalist Leora Cashe delivers an electrifying performance that audiences love. She is “…one stunning singer”, states The Vancouver Province, and has been “blessed with a rich resounding voice”, adds The Vancouver Sun. Influenced by her experience in the gospel idiom, and by jazz greats like Ella Fitzgerald and Dianne Reeves, Leora’s soulful vocal style and stage presence creates an engaging performance that sends chills down audience members’ spines.

An accomplished graduate of Edmonton’s Grant MacEwan jazz program, Leora is ” …as musically solid as the hits she performs”. She has studied with some of the greatest contemporary jazz artists including Kurt Elling, Nancy King and Dee Daniels. She has recorded and performed in concert with many celebrated Canadian artists including Brad Turner, Denzal Sinclaire, Jim Byrnes, Shari Ulrich, Canadian jazz legend Tommy Banks for CBC Radio and TV, and opened for the late Stanley Turrentine at Vancouver’s International Jazz Festival.

In 2001, The West Coast Music Awards nominated her debut CD ‘Tears of Joy’ for Best Gospel Recording of the year. December 2004 marked the release of Leora’s second gospel CD, ‘Inspiration’ which received critical acclaim by enthusiastic listeners at home and abroad. She released her debut jazz recording entitled, “My Heart Stood Still,” on June 4th , 2005 at the historic Vancouver East Cultural Centre. ‘From originals to classics like Irving Berlin’s “Blue Skies” this is a seriously swinging jazz record from one of Vancouver’s premier vocalists.’

Another Side Now – The Songs of Joni Mitchell, Leora’s latest CD was released on December 1st, 2007. Covering the early years of the Joni Mitchell songbook, Leora Cashe and The Ross Taggart Trio pay tribute to one of Canada’s icons and best-loved recording artists. The combination of Leora’s soulful vocal interpretations and the Juno Award winning trio creates the perfect setting for the emotional nature found in these timeless songs. From the Afro-Cuban beat of ‘Carey’ to the gospel tinged ‘Big Yellow Taxi’, to a jazz waltz through ‘The Gallery’, Leora’s vocal interpretations are passionate and undoubtly her own.

Along with her busy schedule of performing she enjoys private vocal coaching, choir directing and arranging and is a specialist in leading Early Years music classes for children.


“Jarvis has an awesome technique that produces music of enormous style and crystal clarity . . . the contours of the music are never even blurred, but emerge with a coherence and persuasiveness that is remarkable.” The Hamilton Spectator (Canada)

Michael Jarvis has been acclaimed as one of Canada’s finest harpsichordists, fortepianists and continuo players. He has performed with many of Canada’s leading orchestras and chamber ensembles including Les Violons du Roy, Symphony Nova Scotia, the Orchestre Symphonique de Montreal, Aradia, the Kitchener-Waterloo Symphony, Symphony Niagara, the Hamilton Philharmonic, the Vancouver Symphony, I Musici de Montreal, The Vancouver CBC Orchestra, as well as with Via Salzburg, the Toronto Chamber Orchestra, the Tudor Singers of Montreal, the Elmer Isler Singers, Baroque Music Beside the Grange, The Amadeus Choir, I Furiosi, the Toronto Consort, the Vancouver Bach Choir, The Elora Festival, the Guelph Spring Festival, The Grand River Baroque Festival, The Festival of the Sound, Music at Westben, and the Pacific Baroque Orchestra, among many others.

In addition to performing across Canada, he has performed as soloist and continuo player throughout the USA, England, Italy and Bermuda. He has accompanied or conducted many of Canada’s finest singers from Maureen Forrester to Russell Braun and is in demand across the country as a continuo player and vocal and instrumental coach on both harpsichord and fortepiano. Michael has recorded for the Hungaroton, ATMA, Naxos, Solitudes and Avalon CD labels, and has many times broadcast nationally and regionally for the CBC, as well as across the U.S. on NPR. His performing editions of 17th and 18th century choral and organ music are published by GIA, Chicago.

Michael has taught fortepiano at the University of British Columbia and harpsichord, continuo, and baroque vocal ornamentation at the University of Toronto. He has also taught harpsichord performance at Wilfred Laurier University in Waterloo, Ontario and at Havergal College, Toronto. He is also Director of Music at St. Jude’s Parish and Shrine in Vancouver, BC. He is on faculty as harpsichordist and vocal coach at the Early Music Vancouver Summer Baroque Vocal Programme “The Compleat Singer”. He recently returned from performing with Bernard Labadie and Les Violons du Roy (Palais Montcalm, Quebec City; Eglise St-Jean-Baptiste, Montreal; Carnegie Hall, New York City; The Walt Disney Concert Hall, Los Angeles) on their 25th Anniversary North American tour.

He was also co-host and star of the 13-part television series “Come into the Parlour”. Featuring co-host and star Carolyn Sinclair, soprano, and their original 1857 Chickering square grand, the series features some of Canada’s finest musicians from the opera and concert stages, including baritone Russell Braun, mezzo Kimberley Barber, violinist Mayumi Seiler, tenor Eric Shaw, etc. “Come into the Parlour” was broadcast nationally in Canada on Bravo-TV and Vision. Mr. Jarvis was also featured on two national Canadian television specials “A Baroque Christmas” and “A Baroque Easter” on Vision and Bravo-tv.

Michael and violinist Paul Luchkow will be recording Hummel’s sonatas for fortepiano and violin on original period instruments in June 2011 for Marquis CD of Toronto.

Since moving to Vancouver in 2006, he is a regularly featured performer throughout the Lower Mainland.

“Michael Jarvis donne ici une interprétation limpide et inspirée…” Répertoire (France)

NATALIE BURDENY – Founder and Artistic Director of Vancouver Concert Opera Co-Operative (VanCOCO) and Vancouver Summer Opera Studio (VSOS) – Vancouver’s newest additions to the opera scene! –

With her performance described as “human, multi-faceted, emotional and real”, Canadian Contralto, Natalie Burdeny is a versatile and sought-after performer. After making her debut in the title role of Carmen, Hilary Clark (Opera Canada 2011), described her voice as “… perfect for the part of Carmen. She showed an enviable understanding of the role, careful use of the many nuances of her vocal arsenal, to portray the vagaries of Carmen’s personality”.

Her repertoire includes: Carmen and Mercedes (Carmen), Madame de la Haltière (Cendrillon), Dorabella (Cosi Fan Tutte), Hata (Prodaná Nevesta), Zweite Dame (Die Zauberflöte), Marcellina (Le Nozze di Figaro), Berta (Il Barbiere di Siviglia), and Mother’s Voice (Les Contes d’Hoffmann). No stranger to concert stage; her most memorable performance was with the Vancouver Philharmonic Orchestra where she was a featured soloist in Verdi’s Requiem (2009).

This past July she was invited to participate in the Professional Opera Masterclass Series at the BuckHill-Skytop Festival (Pennsylvania) where she had the opportunity to work with Maestro Peter Mark (Lyric Opera Virginia) and Mezzo-Soprano Victoria Livengood. She is currently starring in a fully staged production of Leonard Bernstein’s Trouble in Tahiti at the Vancouver International Fringe Festival. Upcoming engagements include a concert of Carmen Highlights at the Minoru Chapel Opera Series on October 5th where she will share the stage with Tenor Frédérik Robert.

In addition to her musical pursuits, Natalie is the Founder and Artistic Director for both Vancouver Concert Opera Co-Operative and Vancouver Summer Opera Studio. Since 2009 she has held the position of Administrator and Marketing Liaison for Lyric Opera Studio of Weimar (Germany). In addition she has a decade of experience as a Project Manager and Software Application Developer which has given her a firm grounding in the business world.

PAULA WISE – Clinical Counselor, Violinist, Teacher, Creativity Coach, Mind/Body Therapist

Paula has enjoyed a 30-year career as a freelance violinist. She is a member of the Vancouver Opera Orchestra and was a founding member of the Babayaga String Quartet. Her work as a performer and teacher compliments her work as a therapist.

It gives her the expertise and passion for helping students as well as professionals to embark on a healthy journey performing on stage. Paula has a special interest in exploring with individuals in the creative fields a way to find meaning and direction in their work. Through a variety of modalities there is an uncovering of mind-body awareness, motivation, purpose, goals, locus of control and balance in which we can break through blocks and fears that keep us limited. She approaches counseling from an integrative and holistic perspective, employing relaxation and mindfulness techniques, cognitive approaches as well as being influenced by humanistic, Buddhist and existential philosophies. Her passion is accompanying clients on the path inward towards alignment with the authentic self. If the mind, body and spirit work in harmony, there is a sense of well being, inspiration and flow. Her healthy performance practice workshop, The Embodied Musician, has been successfully received by the students and pedagogues in music schools at UBC, Trinity Western University, Capilano University, Kwantlen University Polytechnic and Vancouver Community College as well as intensive summer institutes such as VISI (Vancouver International Song Institute) and YAE (Young Artist Experience).

RAUGI YU – Actor and Acting Coach with a Twist – Google search for IMDB & More

Raugi Yu was born and raised in Montreal. Raugi is very fortunate to have had unique spiritual and emotional experiences while at the same time dealing with the mundane practicalities of life as a gig to job to gig to job to…actor. These experiences have given Raugi the opportunity to see how to actively bring his honest self to his work and acting. The insight and use of that insight in relationship to acting gleaned from these experiences are what Raugi will bring to the Self-Mastery Series for Singers. Currently Raugi is a series regular on YTV’s #1 hit show “Mr. Young”. Past credits include series regular on “jPod”, roles on “Diary Of A Wimpy Kid” and “Marmaduke”. Raugi has also acted in many professional stage productions nationwide from dramatic plays and co-creation to musicals and movement pieces.


Baritone Riley McMitchell is equally comfortable in opera, musical theatre, gospel and concert repertoire.  Past opera roles include Count Almaviva (The Marriage of Figaro), Falke (Die Fledermaus), Papageno (The Magic Flute), Guglielmo (Cosi Fan Tutte), DeBretigny (Manon) and Strephon (Iolanthe) and the Vicar (Albert Herring).  Riley holds a Bachelors of Music from UBC and participated in two seasons of Opera Nuova.  Riley received a full scholarship to study at the Lyric Opera Studio in Weimar, Germany performing in several Mozart opera productions.  Upcoming performances include Papageno (Die Zauberflote), Il Conte (Marriage of Figaro) and Captain Corcoran (H.M.S. Pinafore).  In addition to his singing career, Riley holds a Bachelors of Education from SFU and teaches elementary school in Coquitlam, teaches voice and is on the artistic team of Coastal Sound Music Academy.  Riley has been studying with soprano Heidi Klassen for the past 5 years.


Although growing up in a musical environment, and having music training, Sandra Dawn did not begin to open to her voice until the year 2000, when she discovered the joy of toning or sounding in small groups/yoga classes. Soon after she became a certified yoga teacher, and has always incorporated sounding/chanting in her classes. Sandra fell in love with the sacred practice of kirtan in 2001, and by walking through tremendous fear and emotional blocks, in 2004 she found herself, by Divine Grace, offering her voice for 500 people at a kirtan event. For Sandra, this event was a profoundly mystical experience that forever changed her life path and purpose. With the help of her teacher Heidi Klassen, Sandra has been able to truly access this sound that she experienced back in 2004, and assist others in opening through her work and events. Sandra is the music director at Tsawwassen United Church, and regularly leads kirtan classes and events in the Vancouver lower mainland.