The Opera Project originated in Winnipeg in 1997 for the purpose of presenting singers with serious talent and ambition for the stage and enjoyed 7 seasons of highy acclaimed and strongly supported productions, lauching many operatic careers. Since relocating to Vancouver in 2004, The Opera Project, along with the company’s Founder and Director, International Soprano, Heidi Klassen, continues to present the many talents in British Columbia for local audiences through various concerts and operas. TOP’s mandate includes presenting young professionals to the public, raising funds for other charities, and performing with seasoned artists and mentors.


The Opera Project exists to train and present young Canadian artists to the public, bridging the gap between their training and establishing a career. In addition, The Opera Project invites established professionals from various artistic communities to work alongside these selected singers both as collaborative colleagues and as mentors to hone their skills and provide opportunity for future professional engagements in a broader arena.

The Opera Project has also a spiritual intention. It makes space for the disciplined artist who wants to go beyond technical perfection and seek a more fulfilling and encompassing way of singing that touches people and catalyses an opening in all of us.

In a world where consciousness is shifting we ask the questions, “What would possess the cellist to sit in the midst of the crossfire and begin to play and why did the shooting cease?” In responding to the inevitable answers TOP invites The Singer to bring to the stage SOUNDS THAT CHANGE THE WORLD.