Tuition for Part 2


  • Limited availability; contact Heidi for information at
  • Registration as a participant includes:
    • Participation in Part 2 as a singer
    • Part 1 Archive Videos (8 sessions)
    • Part 2 Archive Videos (4 sessions)
    • Three private sessions with Heidi to catch up on Part 1 course information and singing technique (required to be taken prior to June 1 to be qualified to sing in Part 2)
    • 90 page e-book
    • Cost: $625


  • 4 sessions..................$135 includes archive videos from Part 2 (4 sessions)
  • Archive videos from Part 1 (8 sessions).......$165 additional (optional)
  • Drop in........................ $35 per session
  • 90 page e-book........$30 - Italian bel canto concepts (optional)
Mastery of the Singing Teacher

Registration Process:

  1. Pay deposit.
  2. Email: to request registration as participant or auditor.
  3. Include:
    • Name, your home contact #
    • Bio of music education and performance history
    • A sound bite of your singing and voice type if known
    • Description of your vocal teaching experience, if any
    • List your expertise or interests in other fields (optional)
    • If requesting to participate: your selection of 4 songs and composers in the 4 different genres


Portions of the course will be videotaped as companion educational material for the Return to Resonance book and series. Waivers will be signed on the first day. If you wish to participate in the course, but do not wish to be videotaped, arrangements can be made to accommodate you.

If you are interested or have questions before enrolling please email me at

I look forward to hearing from you!